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BTW, the rumor in the comics irndstuy since the lawsuit was filed is that Fox is actually using this as a power play in order to finally get the rights to release the Batman TV Show on DVD. The show was produced by Fox long before Warner bought DC Comics and the two studios have been fighting over it ever since TV-on-DVD hit. If this ends up being the outcome of the case, then everybody wins, IMO.BTW, wgamember comics fans greatly appreciate the irony of Warner/DC being hit with a lawsuit over the rights to the Watchmen movie because it was DC's screwing Alan Moore over both the merchandising rights to the comics (20 years ago, including promotional material such as a button set) and a rights-reversion clause to the comics that, well, DC ignores that have completely alienated Moore from mainstream comics *and* resulted in Moore demanding that his name be removed from all movie derived from his mainstream work. Aside: The From Hell graphic novel was not published by DC and, ironically, the movie, which *does* bear his credit was produced by, ummmmm, . . . Fox. (Although Moore probably disavows it now due to his distaste for movies of his work in general.)Anyway, due to the original rights issues regarding Watchmen from back in the 80 s *and* Warner losing the movie case, it's likely that fan backlash wouldn't work or wouldn't work as well as Warner would hope for. Better to head it off at the pass by giving Fox the rights to the Batman TV show. And just the original Batman TV show, not all TV show rights, as Fox might just try to slip that one in under the rug and IMO, they wouldn't be entitled to taking that much, especially after the ridonkulous Mutant X lawsuit they threw at Marvel. Rob
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